CEITEC - Central European Institute of Technology GNU GPL v2 Yes Masaryk University NITRC mask_explorer Yes MATLAB Tool mask_explorer is used to explore fMRI datasets and to find inconsistences in fMRI data, it is suitable especially for group analyses. Main features of mask_explorer are: 1) Estimation of binary masks 2) Exploration and export of valid subject counts image and binary group mask 3) Estimation of outlier masks in dataset 4) Creating list of suitable/unsuitable data in relation of positions and ROIs (coverage by masks included) and export to Microsoft Excel or text file. 5) Creating and loading list of positions of interest 6) Compare valid subject counts image with NIFTI file 7) Use of user specified background template Mask_explorer can compute subject’s masks. Loaded masks are used to create parametric map. Its values show number of datasets with valid information. The best citations for this software is: Gajdoš M, Mikl M, Mareček R. Mask_explorer: a tool for exploring brain masks in fMRI group analysis. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine. 2016 Jul. DOI: 10.1016/j.cmpb.2016.07.015 2019-6-10 5 - Production/Stable/Mature mask_explorer_2_12 2015-2-23 5 - Production/Stable/Mature mask_explorer_2 mask_explorer Clinical Neuroinformatics, MR, Computational Neuroscience, GNU GPL v2, English, MATLAB, ANALYZE, NIfTI-1, Three Dimensional Display, Shape Analysis, Atlas Application, Experimental Control, Intersection, Position, Quantitative Shape Analysis, Volume Measurement, 5 - Production/Stable/Mature http://www.nitrc.org/projects/mask_explorer/