Child and Adolescent NeuroDevelopment Initiative Creative Commons License Yes University of Massachusetts Medical School NITRC Monthly Morphometry Report OS Independent The Monthly Morphometry Report (MMR) is designed to be a quick, high-level synopsis of the volumetric literature, compiled on a monthly basis. We seek to represent the corpus of published findings in a suscinct and common format, to ease human interpretation of ths vast set of measures that are being reported. To start, monthly PUBMED reports of potential volumetric publications in humans are identified, and human curators then summarise these abstracts into a standard report format. In the future, we hope to add automation to the curation process and index more complete full-text content. This project is HIGHLY alpha in its design and should be considered only a 'work in progress'. Enter at your own risk, or, volunteer to help! Monthly Morphometry Report Knowledge Environment, Web Resource, 3 - Alpha, Clinical Neuroinformatics, MR, Web Environment, End Users, Developers, Creative Commons License, English, OS Independent,