Movement Control & Neuroplasticity Research Group Yes KU Leuven NITRC MR-TIM: MR-based head tissue modelling MR-TIM is software for head tissue modelling from structural magnetic resonance (MR) images. It performs automated segmentation of T1-weighted MR images in 12 tissues: brain gray matter (GM), cerebellar GM, brain white matter (WM), cerebellar WM, brainstem, cerebrospinal fluid, spongy bone, compact bone, muscle, fat, eyes and skin. MR-TIM requires MATLAB 2016b (MathWorks) or later versions and it is intended as a toolbox for SPM12 software package. User manual available at: Please cite: Taberna, G.A., Samogin, J. & Mantini, D. Automated Head Tissue Modelling Based on Structural Magnetic Resonance Images for Electroencephalographic Source Reconstruction. Neuroinform (2021). 2020-12-04 v2.2 2020-11-04 v2.1 2020-10-15 v2.0 2020-5-12 v1.0 MR-TIM: MR-based head tissue modelling Clinical Neuroinformatics, MR, Computational Neuroscience