Comprehensive Epilepsy Center BSD License Yes University of South Carolina, Medical University Of South Carolina NITRC MRIcroS Yes MATLAB Leonardo Bonilha When performing computational neuroscience-based analysis, it is often beneficial to view the data. Also, as Matlab is a common tool for such analysis, it is beneficial to visualize the data without having to open an external application that does not run in the Matlab environment. MRIcroS, a Matlab-based tool, provides: 1) surface mesh visualization (PLY, PIAL, NV, STL,VTK, GIFTI formats) 2) Convert NIfTI voxel images to surface meshes (and save as PLY or VTK) 3) track (TRK files) visualization 4) connectome data (BrainNet Viewer .node and .edge files) visualization 5) intuitive GUI 6) all functions available in the GUI are available through scripting. Therefore, automated scripts can be created 7) can export rendered image as bitmap 2015-9-12 MRIcroS 9-Sept-2015 2014-10-30 MRIcroS 30-Oct-2014 MRIcroS Three Dimensional Display, Surface Rendering, Clinical Neuroinformatics, MR, Computational Neuroscience, BSD License, MATLAB, ANALYZE, GIfTI, NIfTI-1, Other Format, http://