TCG, Inc. GNU General Public License (GPL) Yes Neuroimaging Tools and Resources Collaboratory NITRC NITRC Computational Environment (NITRC-CE) Abby Paulson NITRC Computational Environment (NITRC-CE) is an on-demand, cloud based computational virtual machine pre-installed with popular neuroimaging tools. We have leveraged NeuroDebian as well as manually added in a variety of popular software tools. NITRC-CE is available to use on your own infrastructure or via commercial cloud providers including Amazon and Microsoft. 2024-5-07 AWS AMI IDs 2023-7-25 NITRC-CE v0.57.5 2021-12-13 NITRC-CE LITE v0.53.6 2021-12-13 NITRC-CE v0.53.6 2021-5-20 NITRC-CE HCP v0.52.3 2021-5-20 NITRC-CE v0.52.3 2021-5-20 NITRC-CE LITE v0.52.3 2021-1-14 NITRC-CE HCP v0.52.2 2021-1-13 NITRC-CE v0.52.2 2021-1-13 NITRC-CE LITE v0.52.2 2020-2-26 ReproNim Training at UC Irvine 2020 2020-1-30 NITRC-CE LITE v0.51.0 2020-1-30 NITRC-CE HCP v0.51.0 2020-1-30 NITRC-CE v0.51.0 2020-1-10 NITRC-CE Install Package v0.51.0 (Ubuntu 18.04) 2019-8-26 NITRC-CE Install Package v0.50.0 (Ubuntu 18.04) 2019-8-26 NITRC-CE HCP v0.50.0 2019-8-26 NITRC-CE v0.50.0 2019-8-26 NITRC-CE LITE v0.50.0 2019-6-11 NITRC-CE HCP v0.49.1 2019-6-11 NITRC-CE v0.49.1 2019-6-11 NITRC-CE LITE v0.49.1 2019-6-08 NITRC-CE Install Package v0.49.1 (Ubuntu 16.04) 2019-4-24 NITRC-CE Install Package v0.48.2 (Ubuntu 16.04 and contains optional HCP packages) 2019-4-24 Amazon Web Services NITRC-CE Vagrantfile v1.2 2019-2-12 Amazon Web Services NITRC-CE Vagrantfile v1.0 2019-2-12 NITRC-CE Install Package v0.47.3 (Ubuntu 16.04 and contains optional HCP packages) 2018-12-27 NITRC-CE Install Package v0.47.2 (Ubuntu 16.04 and contains optional HCP packages) 2018-11-14 ReproNim Training at SfN Conference 2018 2018-7-14 ReproNim Training at OHBM Conference 2018 2018-5-04 NITRC-CE Install Package v0.46 (Ubuntu 16.04 and contains optional HCP packages) 2018-1-26 NITRC-CE Install Package v0.45 (Ubuntu 16.04 and contains optional HCP packages) 2017-3-10 NITRC-CE Install Package v0.44 (Ubuntu 14.04 and contains optional HCP packages) 2017-1-03 NITRC-CE Install Package v0.43 (Ubuntu 14.04 and contains optional HCP packages) 2016-12-29 Sample Configuration v.43 2016-12-29 AWS EC2 User Data v.1.1 2016-10-12 Martinos Center fMRI Visiting Fellowship CE 2016-2-22 NITRC-CE Install Script v0.42 (Ubuntu 12.04) 2015-12-29 AWS EC2 User Data v.1 2015-12-29 NITRC-CE Install Script v0.41 (Ubuntu 12.04) 2015-7-10 NITRC-CE Install Script v0.40 (Ubuntu 12.04) 2015-1-22 NITRC-CE Install Script v0.39 (Ubuntu 12.04) 2014-12-12 NITRC-CE Install Script v0.38 (Ubuntu 12.04) 2014-10-01 NITRC-CE Install Script v0.37 (Ubuntu 12.04) 2014-9-15 NITRC-CE Install Script v0.36 (Ubuntu 12.04) 2014-7-09 NITRC-CE Install Script v0.35 (Ubuntu 12.04) 2014-6-12 NITRC-CE Install Script v0.34 (Ubuntu 12.04) 2014-4-29 Runscript plugin v.1 2013-12-15 NITRC-CE Install Script v0.31 beta (Ubuntu 12.04) NITRC Computational Environment (NITRC-CE) Platform or Development Environment, Hardware, Cocaine-Related Disorders, Alzheimer Disease, Brain Injuries, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Domain Independent, Developers, End Users, GNU General Public License (GPL), English, DICOM, NIfTI-1