Attribution Yes NITRC NYU CSC TestRetest OS Independent Yes Michael Milham The NYU CSC TestRetest resource includes EPI-images of 25 participants gathered during rest as well as anonymized anatomical images of the same participants. The resting-state fMRI images were collected on several occasions: 1. the first resting-state scan in a scan session 2. 5-11 months after the first resting-state scan 3. about 30 (< 45) minutes after 2. Each scan occasion is released as a new version release of the resource. Make sure to check all releases to get all files. Data use is unrestricted, but users should reference our original publications and NITRC (see Documentations). ***Caution: Participants here are part of the NewYork_a contribution to the 1000 Functional Connectomes Project. DO NOT combine datasets. Acquisition was funded by Stavros S. Niarchos Foundation, the Leon Lowenstein Foundation, NARSAD (The Mental Health Research Association) grants to F.Xavier Castellanos; and Linda and Richard Schaps, Jill and Bob Smith, and the Taubman Foundation gifts to F.Xavier Castellanos. 2009-9-01 NYU_TRT_session1 2009-9-01 NYU_TRT_session2 2009-9-01 NYU_TRT_session3 NYU CSC TestRetest Other Audience, Attribution, Data, OS Independent, NIfTI-1, Test Data, MR, End Users, Alzheimer Disease,