Penn Image Computing and Science Laboratory Penn Hippocampus Atlas Yes University of Pennsylvania NITRC Penn Hippocampus Atlas Yes John Pluta The Penn Hippocampus Atlas is a resource consisting of segmented and normalized high-resolution ex vivo MRI and histology of the human hippocampus. The current atlas, consisting of MRI scans of 31 specimens and serial histology of 9 specimens is described in the 2018 paper by Adler, Wisse, et al. in PNAS. Imaging data, source code, and statistics for the 2018 paper can be accessed using the Download link on this page. A prior version of the atlas consisting of MRI scans of 5 specimens was described in Yushkevich et al., Neuroimage 44(2):385-398, 2009. Data for this atlas are also available on the Download page. 2018-3-21 3 - Alpha release_1.0.0 2013-1-07 3 - Alpha version-1-0 2011-2-07 3 - Alpha 1.0.0 Penn Hippocampus Atlas NIfTI-1, 3 - Alpha, Web Environment, End Users, Bipolar Disorder, Autistic Disorder, Stroke, Hypertension, Aphasia, Brain Concussion, Schizophrenia, Parkinson Disease, Depression, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Alcohol-Related Disorders, Alzheimer Disease, MR, Data, Penn Hippocampus Atlas