State Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning GNU General Public License (GPL) Yes Beijing Normal University NITRC SeeCAT The Seed-based Connectivity Analysis Toolbox (SeeCAT) is developed in Matlab environment with GUI. The toolbox mainly includes four functional modules: 1) a preprocessing pipeline works with functional MRI data (work with SPM), which is enabled with fast parallel computing to improve processing speed; 2) a calculating module for seed-based structural or functional connectivity with various definitions of seeds; 3) a computation function for nodal degree in high-resolution functional brain networks (voxel-based) with flexible options, including selections for different thresholds, positive and negative connection, binary or weighted, anatomical distance, normalization, and smoothing; and 4) some useful tools for statistics, visualization and image calculation. SeeCAT GNU General Public License (GPL), MR,