MIT/X Consortium License Yes NITRC ShapeWorks MacOS, Windows, Linux Yes C++ Elizabeth Jurrus The ShapeWorks software is an open-source distribution of a new method for constructing compact statistical point-based models of ensembles of similar shapes that does not rely on any specific surface parameterization. The method requires very little preprocessing or parameter tuning, and is applicable to a wide range of shape analysis problems, including nonmanifold surfaces and objects of arbitrary topology. The proposed correspondence point optimization uses an entropy-based minimization that balances the simplicity of the model (compactness) with the accuracy of the surface representations. The ShapeWorks software includes tools for preprocessing data, computing point-based shape models, and visualizing the results. 2012-6-14 4 - Beta ShapeWorksv1.1_Linux 2012-6-14 4 - Beta ShapeWorksv1.1_Windows 2011-9-07 4 - Beta ShapeWorksv1.0_Linux64 ShapeWorks MIT/X Consortium License, Workflow, Shape Analysis, Surface Rendering, Other Format, Console (Text Based), Win32 (MS Windows), X11 Applications, English, 4 - Beta, C++, Developers, End Users, MacOS, Windows, Linux, MR,