BSD License Yes NITRC Slicer3 Example Modules MacOS, Windows NT/2000, Windows Vista, Linux Yes C++ Terry Lorber Example Slicer3 plugins that can be built against a Slicer3 build or a Slicer3 installation. Note: these are for 3D Slicer version 3. There is now a version 4 of 3D Slicer available. Information about extensions for version 4 can be found at the following links: 2008-11-25 3 - Alpha 0.0.2 2008-10-30 3 - Alpha 0.0.1 2008-10-22 3 - Alpha 0.0.1 Slicer3 Example Modules Platform or Development Environment, Console (Text Based), Win32 (MS Windows), X11 Applications, Developers, BSD License, MacOS, Windows NT/2000, Windows Vista, Linux, C++, DICOM, NIfTI-1, ANALYZE, Application, 3 - Alpha, CT, MR, PET/SPECT, Alzheimer Disease, Depression, English,