Kanwisher Lab (Department of Brain & Cognitive Science) MIT/X Consortium License Yes MIT NITRC SPM_SS - fMRI functional localizers OS Independent Yes MATLAB This spm-toolbox performs ROI-level and voxel-level between-subjects analyses of functional MRI data, restricting the analyses to those areas identified using subject-specific functional localizers. Methods: The toolbox implements ROI-level and voxel-level analyses, and it implements an automatic cross-validation procedure when the localizers are not orthogonal to the effects-of-interest. ROI-level analyses allow manually defined parcels of interest, as well as automatically-defined ones (GcSS procedure, Fedorenko et al. 2010). General linear model second-level analyses are implemented, including ReML and OLS estimation of population level effects. Hypothesis testing includes standard univariate tests as well as multivariate tests for mixed within- and between-subject designs (T, F, and Wilks' lambda statistics) This toolbox requires Matlab and SPM5/SPM8. http://web.mit.edu/evelina9/www/funcloc.html 2012-10-09 4 - Beta v11.e SPM_SS - fMRI functional localizers MIT/X Consortium License, Developers, OS Independent, Linear, Win32 (MS Windows), X11 Applications, English, 4 - Beta, MATLAB, NIfTI-1, End Users, ANALYZE, Modeling, MR http://www.nitrc.org/projects/spm_ss/, http://web.mit.edu/evelina9/www/funcloc.html