McCausland Center for Brain Imaging BSD License Yes University of South Carolina NITRC Surf Ice MacOS, Windows, Linux Pascal Surf Ice is a tool for surface rendering the cortex with overlays to illustrate tractography, network connections, anatomical atlases and statistical maps. While there are many alternatives, Surf Ice is easy to use and uses advances shaders to generate stunning images. It supports many popular mesh formats [3ds, ac3d, BrainVoyager (srf), ctm, Collada (dae), dfs, dxf, FreeSurfer (Asc, Srf, Curv, gcs, Pial, W), GIfTI (gii), gts, lwo, ms3d, mz3, nv, obj, off, ply, stl, vtk], connectome formats (edge/node) and tractography formats [bfloat, pdb, tck, trk, vtk]. 2020-11-11 5 - Production/Stable/Mature Surf Ice 2-November-2020 Surf Ice Tractography, Surface Rendering, Three Dimensional Display, PET/SPECT, MR, CT, BSD License, End Users, English, MacOS, Windows, Linux, Pascal, GIfTI, NIfTI-1, bshort/bfloat, 5 - Production/Stable/Mature