MGH CSRL License Yes NITRC Diffusion Toolkit / TrackVis Linux, MacOS, Windows Yes C++ Diffusion Toolkit (with TrackVis) is a cross-platform software package that does reconstruction, fiber tracking, visualization and analysis on various diffusion imaging data. Features of the software include: • Handles DTI, DSI, Q-Ball and HARDI imaging techniques. • Works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux with native look and feel. Native 64-bit support on Mac OS X and Linux. • Fast streamlined data processing. • Intuitive GUI front-end with command-line driven back-end. Thus, allows advanced user to write their own scripts for automated multiple dataset processing. • Real-time fiber track visualization and analysis. Parameter adjustment applied to 3D render on the fly. Various tracking selection methods (filters) allows locating specific track bundle with ease. 2010-3-16 5 - Production/Stable/Mature 0.6 2010-3-16 5 - Production/Stable/Mature 0.5.1 2009-12-01 5 - Production/Stable/Mature 0.5 2009-6-03 5 - Production/Stable/Mature 0.4.3 2008-6-18 5 - Production/Stable/Mature 0.4.2 Diffusion Toolkit / TrackVis English, Console (Text Based), NIfTI-1, Other Environment, X11 Applications, Win32 (MS Windows), Linux, End Users, MacOS, C++, Windows, ANALYZE, DICOM, MR, 5 - Production/Stable/Mature, Visualization, Image Reconstruction, Diffusion MR Fiber Tracking, MGH CSRL License,