GNU General Public License (GPL) Yes NITRC VoxBo Linux, MacOS, Windows Yes C++ VoxBo is a highly modular and interoperable collection of free tools for brain image manipulation and analysis, focusing on fMRI and lesion analysis. VoxBo can be used independently or in conjunction with other packages. 2011-6-15 4 - Beta 1.8.5 2011-1-18 4 - Beta 1.8.5pre14 2010-5-06 4 - Beta 1.8.5pre8 2010-1-05 4 - Beta 1.8.5pre7 2008-6-06 4 - Beta 1.8.5pre3 VoxBo English, Console (Text Based), NIfTI-1, X11 Applications, 4 - Beta, No Input/Output (Daemon), Linux, End Users, MacOS, C++, Windows, ANALYZE, Other Format, DICOM, Aphasia, 5 - Production/Stable/Mature, Overlap Metrics, Sinc Function Interpolation, Format Conversion, Three Dimensional Display, Linear, Workflow, Stroke, Alzheimer Disease, Brain Injuries, GNU General Public License (GPL), MR,