The following page displays NITRC-CE usage by process over a desired range of dates and times. The data comes from reports by NITRC-CE instances where the user has opted to allow periodic logging of system activity.

Processes are sorted by normalized process load, which is defined as the sum of bounded process CPU utilization at poll time.

In turn, bounded process CPU utilization is the instantaneous percentage of CPU time in use by the process at poll time, capped at a maximum of 1 percent (1%). This utilization cap grants greater visibility to processes that are I/O bound (or interactive), preventing CPU (compute) intensive processes from dominating reported loads.

Once generated, the following pie chart shows process load as a percentage of total normalized process load. The "other" category refers to any process that had non-zero load, but less than 2% of the total. Detailed results for each process appear in the table beneath the chart.


Download data as: JSON, XML, or CSV.

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Process Normalized Process Load Percentage of Total Load