[#5189] different colors for markers in 3D view

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2010-09-07 14:31
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Ihor Smal (ismal)
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Zongcai Ruan (ruanz)
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different colors for markers in 3D view

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I believe it was not possible some time ago but probably now something has changed. I would like to put a list "LandmarkList" of "LocationSimple" by pushing in 3D viewer. All of them get the same color. How can I make them to be displayed with random colors, automatically from the plugin?




Date: 2010-09-09 04:37
Sender: Hanchuan Peng

This thread should go to the "Help" forum instead of "Feature requested" forum as here I cannot quote the last message and also the messages will not be sorted by their time, :-).

For this get-around, the color issue can be solved by letting one daughter cell share the same "type" (the second column in a swc row record), while others have different types.

Date: 2010-09-09 01:50
Sender: Ihor Smal

Hi, thanks for the suggestion. I found that solution yesterday myself (using NeuronSWC), so I can get random colors, but now I also would like to get spheres with the color that I can control. The main application is visualization (with "push") of cell division, starting from 4 cells that should be marked with unique colors and following all the daughter cells, which should also have one of those 4 colors. Shall I try to find a get-around for that or it is not possible?

Date: 2010-09-08 15:27
Sender: Hanchuan Peng

there are a few get-arounds (btw I don't quite understand why you said you cannot make markers in different colors). One thing definitely will work is to produce a swc file, where there is no edge at all, but all nodes (along with 3d coordinates) will have different types. Then they can be displayed in color automatically. To visualize the data in real time, just use the "push" function!

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