[#6188] Drag point changing

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2011-10-18 08:17
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y z (zhuangy)
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Drag point changing

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Drag adjustment process is complex, if the smooth adjustment, hoping to drag off without changing the location of the point.



Date: 2011-10-20 06:55
Sender: Jianlong Zhou

The question can be described like this: when dragging a point to a location the user expected to set, the dragged center point or curve may not exactly stay on the location the user clicked. This is because of the Gausian smoothing processing after the dragging operation.

The solution for this problem now is:
we smooth the dragged curve in two steps, 1) Gausian smoothing the dragged part on the left side of the drag center point; 2) Gausian smoothing the dragged part on the right side of the drag center. 3) keep the drag center unchanged.
In this case, the drag center will stay on the location the user clicked. A small problem for this solution is that the curve may appear sharp and not smooth at the location of drag center. This can be solved by a simple refine operation on the drag center part using "extend/refine nearest neuron-segment".

Regarding the complex operation of the dragging process, it is simple, when the user wants to drag a large part of a curve, he/she can increase the drag window size by "ALT+W". If the user wants to drag part of small details of a curve, he/she may decrease the drag window size by "SHIFT+W". The changing of the drag window size can be done online when the user performs the drag operation and he/she does not need to exit the drag operation.

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