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[Pipeline system for Octave and Matlab • 13 hours ago • no comments]

PSOM release 1.2.0

Main new features are: * Improved, more concise verbose. Three levels are now supported for opt.flag_verbose: 0: minimal verbose. 1: default (concise) verbose. 2: extensive verbose, suitable for debugging. * Figures are generated in the background. ...

[NITRC Community • Jul 3 • no comments]

NITRC Wins 2015 HHS Innovates Award

The NITRC team is proud to announce that out of 70 innovations submitted across the department of HHS, NITRC scored highest for the innovation which provided the "Biggest Bang for the Buck". As each of you know, we've been providing cutting...

[Kurtosis Imaging Network - KIN • Jun 30 • no comments]

KIN data base online!

Dear KIN Members, We are pleased to inform you that our image repository is now accessible for downloading. So far we have gathered images from over 80 different subjects! To request access go to and...

[INCF • Jun 26 • no comments]

Announcing the INCF Community Journal

INCF is announcing a new partnership with F1000Research to create a dedicated, digital, open publishing solution for INCF’s members and the expanding neuroinformatics community. The new INCF Community Journal will provide an affordable, open publishing...

[1000 Functional Connectomes Project • Jun 24 • no comments]

NKI-Rockland Sample: Release 7 Now Available

Dear Colleagues, We are proud to announce Release 7 of the NKI-Rockland Sample (NKI-RS). This release contains updates for the Cross-sectional NKI-RS Lifespan (PI: Michael P. Milham) and Longitudinal Developmental Connectomics (PI: Michael P. Milham)....

[Mango • Jun 18 • no comments]

Mango version 3.5 Released

Mango version 3.5 has been released! - Download: - New in this version:

[NITRC Community • Jun 15 • no comments]

Join us in NITRC Booth 122 at OHBM 2015

Please join the NITRC team in Booth 122 at OHBM 2015 and swing by our poster 3520, Wednesday, June 17 from 12:45 - 2:45 pm. We're happy to understand how things are going with your research, how we can help you, and whether you've tried the new NITRC...

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