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[The Neuro Bureau • 17 hours ago • no comments]

Art Exhibition and Symposium in Berlin (Sept 28-Oct 02)

The art exhibit 2015 pretends to bring together the works that best represents the synergy between neuroscience and the art worlds. In Berlin the exhibition will be held at the foyer of the Humboldt Graduate School (HGS) from September 28  - October...

[PANDA: a pipeline tool for diffusion MRI • Aug 26 • no comments]

The dMRI data processing toolbox PANDA v1.3.0 was released

The diffusion MRI data processing toolbox PANDA v1.3.0 ( was released. PANDA (Pipeline for Analyzing braiN Diffusion imAges) is a matlab toolbox for pipeline processing of diffusion MRI images. For each subject,...

[NITRC Community • Aug 18 • no comments]

NITRC-IR Java downloader fixed

The NITRC-IR Java download tool, which would not run recently in some situations due to increased Java security checks on clients, has now been updated. This version has a current certificate and should run without problems using normal Java security...

[National Database for Autism Research • Aug 12 • no comments]

NIH joins public-private partnership to fund research on autism biomarkers

The NIH announces its participation in multi-year public-private partnership to develop and improve clinical research tools for studying ASD. Data generated through this project will be made available to other researchers through NDAR. Read the full,...

[Mango • Aug 6 • no comments]

Mango version 3.5.1 Released

Mango version 3.5.1 has been released! - Download: - New in this version:

[isc-toolbox: Inter-subject correlation analysis for fMRI in Matlab • Aug 3 • no comments]

Transition to NITRC

We are (slowly) transferring the ISC Toolbox from Google code to NITRC. The old Google code pages are still up , but all the new things will appear only in these NITRC pages. For old versions of the Toolbox, please...

[Diffusional Kurtosis Estimator • Jul 30 • no comments]

DKE fiber tracking release

Greetings DKE Community! We are proud to announce that our DKE software has now been extended to perform fiber tractography from standard DKI data sets using the DKE Fiber Tractography (FT) Module. We sincerely hope that this software is beneficial...

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