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[NITRC Community • Apr 20 • no comments]

Brain-Art Competition 2016 open for submissions!

In order to recognize the beauty and creativity of artistic renderings emerging from the neuroimaging community, we are launching the sixth annual Brain-Art Competition. Countless hours are devoted to the creation of informative visualizations for...

[UNC-Wisconsin Neurodevelopment Rhesus MRI Database • Apr 5 • no comments]

Updated release

The updated release of the UNC-Wisconsin Neurodevelopment Rhesus MRI Database contains now all scans, including manually updated brain masks for all scans. 2 subjects were added that did not have all 5 scans acquired.

[NITRC Community • Mar 31 • no comments]

Neuroimage issue on brain segmentation and parcellation

Brain Segmentation and Parcellation Neuroimage special issue Whether it’s the delineation of brain features using image contrast, anatomical boundaries, cell distributions, receptor fingerprints, connectivity profiles or meta-analyses, brain segmentation...

[NITRC Community • Mar 28 • no comments]

NITRC v2.1.28 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of NITRC v2.1.28. This release focuses on usability of NITRC-R, addressing improvements to "Suggest a Tool", administrator moderation for first-time user posts (to reduce spam), improved relevancy order...

[JIST: Java Image Science Toolkit • Feb 26 • no comments]

Access Private Amazon Clouds with JIST – Powered by NITRC-CE

In work published in SPIE-MI 2016 (lead author Shunxing Bao), JIST now supports distribution of processing to Amazon Web Services (AWS) with virtual machines powered by NITRC-CE. All cloud services, including virtual machine spin up, software initialization,...

[Mango • Feb 23 • no comments]

Mango version 3.8 Released

Mango version 3.8 has been released! - Download: - New in this version:

[LORIS • Feb 18 • no comments]

LORIS 15.10.2 released on GitHub

Download from GitHub: For more information, visit us at Further reading on our Wiki:

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