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[Diffusional Kurtosis Estimator • Jul 30 • no comments]

DKE fiber tracking release

Greetings DKE Community! We are proud to announce that our DKE software has now been extended to perform fiber tractography from standard DKI data sets using the DKE Fiber Tractography (FT) Module. We sincerely hope that this software is beneficial...

[HCP WU-Minn Consortium • Jul 28 • no comments]

Connectome Workbench Bug fix update v1.1.1 Released

Announcing the release of Workbench v1.1.1, that fixes a few bugs that were found in the recently released Workbench v.1.1. Updates in v1.1.1: *New Feature: Copy loaded connectivity row data to a connectivity dense scalar file from group average rs-fMRI...

[SPHARM-PDM Toolbox • Jul 24 • no comments]

New SPHARM-PDM as 3DSlicer extension tutorial

A new tutorial that explains SPHARM-PDM as a 3DSlicer extension has been uploaded to the Documentation section. Direct download here:

[minc-toolkit • Jul 22 • no comments]

Updated version 1.0.07 is out

Updated version 1.0.07 of minc-toolkit was released. the update includes following fixes: 1. latest version of libminc , which includes a lots of bug fixes - hopefully it will become release 2.3 some time soon 2. latest version of minc-tools...

[NITRC Community • Jul 17 • no comments]

NITRC-CE v40 and CE v40-HCP Released

We are pleased to announce the release of NITRC-CE v40 and v40-HCP (customized for Human Connectome Project use). This version can be accessed through AWS Marketplace or VM Depot, and you can always build your own using the install script in the NITRC...

[HCP WU-Minn Consortium • Jul 15 • no comments]

Connectome Workbench v1.1 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of version 1.1 of Connectome Workbench (WB) brain visualization and analysis software. Learn more about Workbench here. Get Workbench v1.1 at

[National Database for Autism Research • Jul 13 • no comments]

For July Submitters: New Version of Validation Tool Available for Use

For those submitting data this July, the new version of the NIMH Data Archive Validation Tool is now accessible through NDA websites and ready to use. The tool provides an improved interface, drag-and-drop file loading, and smoother workflows for the...

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