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[Diffusional Kurtosis Estimator • Feb 26 • no comments]

New DKE release! 2.6

The addition of two new parametric maps: KFA and MKT. The diffusion and kurtosis tensors are now written as outputs. Small change in median filtering and some Minor Bug fixes. Bruker format support Download the newest version at our new and...

[FSL • Feb 20 • no comments]

2015 FSL Course: 8-12 June, Waikiki Beach, Hawaii, USA

We are pleased to announce that the 2015 FSL Course is open for registration. The course will be held 8-12 June, at the Marriott Resort Waikiki Beach, in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. This is the week before the OHBM conference in Honolulu. Both new...

[NITRC Community • Feb 17 • no comments]

Washington Metro Lecture by Technion University

American Technion University is offering a free seminar by Professor Itamar Kahn (neurodegenerative brain disorders research), Alon Ohayon, Civil and Environmental Engineering student and special forces unit commander and, and Tali Tazazu, Electrical...

[NITRC Community • Feb 10 • no comments]

NITRC-CE v0.39 Released

We are pleased to announce version 0.39 of the NITRC Computational Environment. This version adds support for Guacamole, allowing VNC access in your web browser, as well as other features. NITRC-CE is available through the install script in the NITRC...

[NITRC Community • Feb 5 • no comments]

11th Imaging Genetics Conf - Slides & Video are available

The 11th International Imaging Genetics Conference was held at the Beckman Center in Irvine January 19th-20th. The videotaped talks and slides of the Conference are now posted and available for viewing on the Conference website:

[Computational Morphometry Toolkit (CMTK) • Feb 2 • no comments]

CMTK 3.2.3 released

A minor bugfix release, CMTK 3.2.3 fixes issues with import of non-integer DICOM data, directory creation on Windows, and a broken release of MXML. This release also integrates a downstream patch from NeuroDebian for fixing bashisms in shell scripts. Note...

[NITRC Community • Jan 26 • no comments]

NITRC v2.1.22 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of NITRC v2.1.22. Enhancements have been made to the front page and bugs have been fixed in NITRC's handling of NeuroLex IDs, tracker reports, and NITRC-CE usage reports. Full release notes can be found in our...

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