Atlasing of the basal ganglia

This atlas takes advantage of ultra-high resolution 7T MRI to provide unprecedented levels of detail on structures of the basal ganglia in-vivo. The ATAG atlas includes probability maps of the striatum, globus pallidus internal segment, globus pallidus external segment, red nucleus, substantia nigra and the subthalamic Nucleus(STh). The atlas has been created on 30 young participants (M:24.2).

Separately a STh atlas was created based on 13 young (M:24.38), 8 middle-aged (M:50.67), and 9 elderly participants (M:72.33).

You can find more details about the creation of these maps in the following papers:
ATAG atlas:

STh young:

STh Middle-aged & Elderly:

Participating institutions are the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig, Germany, and the Cognitive Science Center Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
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7T Structural MRI scans ATAG
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