Posted By: Pierre Bellec - Dec 1, 2011
Tool/Resource: Pipeline system for Octave and Matlab
PSOM r0.9 had just been released and can be downloaded from here:

This is the PSOM candidate release, with all the features planned for PSOM 1.0 available. A paper of PSOM has also been submitted for publication, with a detailed description of the PSOM design and implementation. This will be made avaiable on the PSOM website upon acceptance. If you are using PSOM and find it useful, it is now an excellent time to show your support by filling in an evaluation on the NITRC website:

The main changes since PSOM 0.8.8 are:
* The PSOM has now been tested on a variety of operating systems (Linux, Windows, Mac OSX), with both Matlab and Octave and with different configurations. So far, the only issue that was found was the 'background'/'batch' modes for Octave on Cygwin (Windows).
* A new function PSOM_CONFIG. It will test step-by-step that the submission of jobs is successful, and provide context-dependent error messages and suggestions if an issue is detected. This function should help a lot setting up the configuration of PSOM.
* A new wiki page providing [ coding guidelines] for PSOM users.
* A new execution mode : 'background'. In this mode jobs run in the background, and they will get interrupted if the initial matlab/octave session is interrupted (which is not the case in 'batch' mode). The default mode is now 'session' for the pipeline manager, and 'background' for the jobs.
* The [ PSOM configuration tutorial] has been updated to reflect the changes made in release 0.9.
* The [ PSOM tutorial] has been updated to match the reflect made to `psom_demo_pipeline` in release 0.9.
* Many minor bug fixes and improvements.
A more detailed list of changes can be found in the [ release notes].
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