The NITRC Image Repository allows you to search for and freely download public datasets. It includes millions of dollars worth of DICOM and NIfTI images with normal and diagnoses such as child development disorders, Aspergers, Autism, ADHD, Parkinson’s and Schizophrenia.

Recently Registered DataSets

  • OASIS3_AV1451L - OASIS3_AV1451L

  • OASIS3_AV1451 - OASIS3_AV1451

  • OASIS4 - *Access request:* OASIS-4 contains MR, clinical, cognitive, and biomarker data for individuals that presented with memory complaints.

  • OASIS3 - Data Use Agreement at ** ** Data provided by the Knight ADRC at Washington University in St. Louis. ###### Details and Download scripts available at ** **

  • NU Schizophrenia Data and Software Tool Federation using BIRN Infrastructure (NUSDAST) - --To access data, please read and sign the Data Use Agreement: --All MR data are in AnalyzeTM format. The dataset includes high-resolution T1- (FLASH and MPRAGE) and T2- (TSE) weighted MR scans, in AnalyzeTM format. --The clinical datasets include diagnosis, age, gender, parental socioeconomic status, as well as measures of the severity of psychopathology. --Z-scored neurological test can be accessed here. Tasks are grouped into the following four domains: Working Memory, Episodic Memory, Executive Function, Crystallized Intelligence. From the NUDataSharing project page, click on [add tab] next to the [Subjects] tab at the bottom, and select [Neurocogs[. The spreadsheet can be downloaded by clicking [Options] then [Spreadsheet] on the right. --Item-wide Neuropsychological test data are now accessible at, along with all imaging and clinical data. The battery of neuropsychological tests includes tasks relevant to prior studies of cognition in schizophrenia. Tasks are grouped into the following four domains: Working Memory, Episodic Memory, Executive Function, Crystallized Intelligence. --The genotyping data will include BDNF (rs6265), EGFR (rs10228436), FGF-2 (rs1048201), and IL-3 (rs40401). --Also, GWAS data is available for a subset of subjects:­NWProject_­Genotypes_­N=143_­NoFiltering-QC.­map­NWProject_­Genotypes_­N=143_­NoFiltering-QC.­ped --This project was funded by the NIMH: 1R01 MH084803 --This project makes available MR images, demographic, clinical, neurocognitive and genotype data from 139 subjects with schizophrenia and 136 control subjects. The dataset also includes manual segmentation for: Hippocampus, Amygdala, Thalamus, Basal Ganglia (caudate nucleus, nucleus accumbens, putamen, globus pallidus), Cingulate gyrus, include the anterior, posterior segments, Prefrontal cortex (including superior, middle and inferior gyri), and Parahippocampal gyrus (including entorhinal, perirhinal and parahippocampal cortices). --Group codes: 1;Schizophrenic 2;Sibling 3;Control 4;Test 5;Control Sibling

  • Dallas Lifespan Brain Study - The Dallas Lifespan Brain Study (DLBS) is a major effort designed to understand the antecedents of preservation and decline of cognitive function at different stages of the adult lifespan, with a particular interest in the early stages of a healthy brain’s march towards Alzheimer Disease.

  • CMI Healthy Brain Network - CMI Healthy Brain Network

  • ABIDE_II - Autism Brain Imaging Data Exchange II