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Job postings  NITRC Moderator0Feb 10, 2021
2022 ReproNim/INCF Training FellowshipDavid Kennedy019 hours ago
surface filesvegar50960Jan 21, 2022
ThresholdingTANMAYEE SAMANTARAY2Jan 14, 2022
GRETNA-2.0.0_release Error Report: RegressOut ErrorsDelin Sun2Jan 14, 2022
FMRI dataset: coordinates for one subject's anatomical appear rotatedLauren Nelson0Jan 12, 2022
Bvecs/bvals for nii files?Matthew Macellaio9Jan 12, 2022
rs-fMRI analyses ; machine changeMarie Detroz0Jan 10, 2022
Brain Connectivity Toolbox - graphy theory measuresJose Teles3Jan 7, 2022
nifty images with different voxel orientationsJakub Vohryzek0Jan 5, 2022
Need for T1 isotropic image for AI based Hyppocampal analysisMarufjon Salokhiddinov0Jan 5, 2022
GE diffusion dcm2niix slice timingEmily Mills2Dec 31, 2021
INCF endorses Five Recommendations for FAIR Software as a Best PracticeDavid Kennedy1Dec 10, 2021
CONNToolbox: Tissue Priors in CONNnaomi g0Nov 24, 2021
ABCD ReproNim CourseDavid Kennedy0Nov 18, 2021
[Network] how to calculate within module degree z-score with sparsity threshold 0.25 using brain connectivity toolboxYong Hun Jang0Nov 17, 2021
Brain connectivity analysis using pcasl imagesWei Zhang0Nov 16, 2021
Workshop CONN functional connectivity toolbox Nov 22 - Dec 20Alfonso Nieto-Castanon4Nov 12, 2021
Brainhack Global 2021 - November 28-December 12 -Save the Date and Sign Up!David Kennedy0Nov 3, 2021
How to convert multiple nifti files to jpg using med2image?tomoki kaneko3Nov 3, 2021
preprocessing of fMRI data in fsl fereshte hoseinian6Oct 28, 2021
Registration issue with pyMVPA tutorial dataJohn Johnson0Oct 26, 2021
fMRI analysis with SMP12 and/or CONNCamille Ricou0Oct 6, 2021
Missing subject data in ROI-ROI analysisPaige greenwood0Sep 24, 2021
Interpreting Cross-level interaction effects with FSL FEATMorgan Gianola0Sep 15, 2021
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