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Below is a list of the tools and resources that have had files downloaded directly through NITRC. They are ranked in order starting with the tool/resource with file releases that have been downloaded the most.

You may click on the tool/resource name to get to the Summary page for that tool/resource.

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Rank Tool/Resource name Downloads
  31000 Functional Connectomes Project116201      
  5CONN : functional connectivity toolbox59137      
  10DSI Studio29166      
  11TOADS-CRUISE Brain Segmentation Tools28987      
  12Multi-Modal MRI Reproducibility Resource27603      
  13IIT Human Brain Atlas (v.4.1)27433      
  15BrainNet Viewer21924      
  17Functional Imaging BIRN17871      
  18PANDA: a pipeline tool for diffusion MRI17583      
  19JIST: Java Image Science Toolkit16830      
  20The Neuro Bureau15644      
  21Generalized PPI Toolbox15225      
  22Solar Eclipse Imaging Genetics tools12947      
  25BioImage Suite11763      
  26BrainVisa Morphologist extensions11626      
  27MINC - Medical Image NetCDF11519      
  28MITK Diffusion11000      
  303D Slicer10315      
  31BrainMap Database9594      
  32Talairach Daemon9104      
  35fNIRS Data Analysis Environment8736      
  36Neuroimaging Made Easy Blog8558      
  37Automatic Registration Toolbox8505      
  39Diffusion Toolkit / TrackVis8050      
  40Subject Order-Independent Group ICA7796      
  41Artifact Detection Tools (ART)7167      
  42NYU CSC TestRetest7120      
  43XNAT Extras7058      
  44BrainMask Volume Processing Tool6983      
  45Spatially Constrained Parcellation6795      
  46Data Format Tools6287      
  47Network-Based Statistic (NBS)6163      
  48Hammer And WML Modules for 3D Slicer6036      
  51Computational Morphometry Toolkit (CMTK)5945      
  52Group ICA Toolbox (GIFT and EEGIFT)5890      
  53UNC 0-1-2 Infant Atlases5882      
  58SRI24 Atlas: Normal Adult Brain Anatomy5285      
  59Source Information Flow Toolbox5189      
  60NeuroImaging Analysis Kit (NIAK)5039      
  61LONI Pipeline Environment4988      
  62BrainVoyager Brain Tutor4862      
  63Human Imaging Database (HID)4573      
  64Center for Functional Neuroimaging Tech4559      
  65GraphVar: A user-friendly toolbox for comprehensive graph analyses of functional brain connectivity4508      
  672008 MICCAI MS Lesion Segmentation Challenge4292      
  70ABSORB for groupwise registration4014      
  71Vaa3D and Vaa3D-Neuron3972      
  723T DWI test-retest reliability dataset3893      
  75MATLAB Tutorial on Diffusion Tensor MRI3786      
  76BXH/XCEDE Tools3706      
  77CBS High-Res Brain Processing Tools3681      
  78SPHARM-PDM Toolbox3680      
  79FBIRN Image Processing Scripts (FIPS)3673      
  80DWI/DTI Quality Control Tool: DTIPrep3625      
  82HAMMER: Deformable Registration3585      
  83MRI Defacer3522      
  84Maps4Mipav (Exploratory JIST) 3442      
  85ABC (Atlas Based Classification)3395      
  89CANDI Neuroimaging Access Point3108      
  90MARS (Multi-Atlas Robust Segmentation)3078      
  91Robust Brain Extraction (ROBEX)3071      
  92NODDI Matlab Toolbox3046      
  93Optseq - fMRI Event Scheduler3045      
  94LONI Debabeler3010      
  95Task Independent Fluctuations Discussion3006      
  97Pipeline system for Octave and Matlab2884      
  98NITRC Computational Environment (NITRC-CE)2884      
  99Atlasing of the basal ganglia2778      
  100JIP fMRI Analysis Toolkit2695