Posted By: Pierre Bellec - Aug 27, 2013
Tool/Resource: Pipeline system for Octave and Matlab
New PSOM release 1.0.1. This release adds a few minor features:
* Support of a new field DEP in a job description. This field can be used to explicitly list a list of dependencies (cell of strings with job names). The field DEP is dealt with appropriately by PSOM_MERGE_PIPELINE.
* In qsub/msub modes, job names are now truncated to 8 characters before submission to qsub/msub. This was implemented because long job names crash some flavors of qsub/msub.
* PSOM_CMP_VAR now work on structures with similar fields names but where the field names have not been built in the same order (i.e. the function is insensitive to the order of field names). This impacts only octave, as in matlab fields are ordered alphabetically, independently of the order of creation.
* PSOM_CMP_VAR now has options to control the level of tolerable numerical noise as well as the ability to compare only the fields found in one of the variables (when comparing structures).
* In qsub/msub mode, the subprocesses initiated by PSOM to quickly submit jobs are now terminated cleanly (before it left some zombie jobs behind).
* Minor bug fixes and doc improvement.
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