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Apr 28, 2010  05:04 AM | David Kennedy
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A tutorial is a great idea.

NITRC has a concept of 'minimum' compliance as a metric of bare bones utility to the end user (see which includes proper classification in the Attribute List, inclusion of file downloads (indicating release version and date), and some sort of documentation, but 'Best Practices' will far exceed that.

Part of the point of this 'Project' is to begin to collect, in one place, a lot of the communities thoughts on what best practices mean for the developer and user communities.

I will also venture to laud the Insight Toolkit (itk - as having been leaders in concepts of best practices for, dare I say, decades... Include in this are nightly builds, regression testing, dashboard, etc.

My last little pointer for here is to an old thread in the NITRC Community open-discussion forum on 'Best Practices for your NITRC project' at but that doesn't actually add too much, and should probably be folded into this new project.

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