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Feb 28, 2018  10:02 PM | Graham Warner - MGH
ERROR Failed to advance: 1
I have a set of dicoms from a single subject successfully loaded into step 3 all of which match and display the subject ID in the "Date File ID" column. It says that "0 cases have no images" and I have the "Multiple images linking to one subject" box checked. My data file is an xls file with the columns; age, and id (all lowercase) and there is one row with the age and id. When I hit "Next" an error log window pops up saying "ERROR Failed to advance: 1". This is an AAscout scan collected on a Siemens Prisma. I'm running DeID_Mac_Linux_dist_v1.2.1 on CentOS 7. Attached is the log file. Any idea what's wrong?

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ERROR Failed to advance: 1
Graham Warner Feb 28, 2018
Mark Eckert Apr 18, 2018