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Oct 21, 2018  04:10 PM | Han Zhuang
shapeAnalysisMANCOVA_Wizard error
Dear experts:

I add spharm-pdm_v1.11_linux64 as an extension to 3D Slicer4.8.1. The statistics->shapeAnalysisMANCOVA_Wizard module can be found in the Modules drop-down menu.We can successfully open the shapeAnalysisMANCOVA_Wizard graphical interface. But when we load the *.csv data, it will flash back and then it will report an error.
Error message :
ShapeAnalysisMANCOVA_Wizard standard error: / home/imewsq/spharm - pdm_v1. 11 _linux64 / shapeAnalysisMANCOVA_Wizard: symbol lookup error: / home/imewsq/spharm - pdm_v1. 11 _linux64 / shapeAnalysisMANCOVA_Wizard:Undefined symbol: _ZNK7QString12ascii_helperEv

I don't know how to solve it. Can you help me! I am beginner to shapeAnalysisMANCOVA_Wizard in Linux .

Many thanks in advance!