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Jan 16, 2020  06:01 PM | max keuken
Download support
It has recently come to our attention that with certain operating systems/browsers you might experience some problems with downloading the files. 
Specifically the following might happen:
when clicking on the download url, the browser might open a new tab but instead of starting the download you see an error message stating something along the lines that the 'URL is not in a https scheme'. If you check the adres of the error page it should start with 'ftp://'.

There are several solutions:
1. use a different browser (when using Chrome we didn't experience any error message)
2. reload the page with the error message (the page starting with 'ftp://') and the download should start
3. download the files from a different hosting website (dryad):
With dryad you have two options:
- either download the entire project (+/- 18gb file size warning) by selecting the button 'Download dataset'.
- download the separate files (same structure and file size as nitrc) by selecting the button 'December 8, 2014' below the header
'data files'. Here you can select the different sequences, field of views and age-group files.

To un-tar the MRI files we recommend using 7-Zip on windows (Mac os should be able to un-tar the files natively).

We apologise for any inconvenience the error message might have caused. If you have any other issues with downloading the files, please do not hesitate
to contact us.