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Feb 28, 2020  01:02 PM | Stephen L. - Coma Science Group, GIGA-Consciousness, Hospital & University of Liege
Error at step 9

I wanted to try your very interesting software for brain extraction on my Windows 10 computer, but I get an error at step 9:

Step 9 of 9: warping back to original space...ExceptionObject caught !

itk::ExceptionObject (01136A6C)
Location: "unknown"
File: ..\..\..\..\..\InsightToolkit-4.4.2\Modules\IO\NIFTI\src\itkNiftiImageIO.cxx
Line: 500
Description: itk::ERROR: NiftiImageIO(1BC3BC38): nifti_image_load failed for file: C:\Giga\myanalysis\mip.nii

It does not look like a big error, simply a IO error. I can confirm the file is accessible, and in fact the whole pipeline works except for this very last step, so I am not sure what is happening here.