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Sep 1, 2021  09:09 PM | Jacob Bumgarner
Export slices with same resolution
I'm new to using QuickNII and am working to try to align some whole-brain mouse vasculature datasets that I've generated with the brain atlas.

I'm working on a small machine, so I've just extracted a small region of the vasculature to test alignment. I'm able to get the alignment prepared quite nicely, but when I go to export the images, the series that I create is exported in different resolutions. This prevents me from creating a stack of the images so that they can be overlaid with the original vasculature volume.

Can you inform me if QuickNII will allow me to export a series of the rainbow images that are all of the same resolution, such that they can be stacked in a series?


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Export slices with same resolution
Jacob Bumgarner Sep 1, 2021
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