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Sep 28, 2021  09:09 AM | Corey Ratcliffe - University of Liverpool
Matrix Singularity Preventing Conductance
Hi, I'm having trouble configuring this toolbox to work with my data. It appears that somewhere in the pipeline, a matrix is being evaluated and returning an error.

Warning: Matrix is singular to working precision.
> In solvePDE (line 23)
In computePotentials3D (line 29)
In run_conductance_example_data (line 38)

The pipeline seems to have this issue with any data is run through it, including the fibrecup 3D example. A colleague is experiencing the same error. When run through a batch command in bash, this warning causes the fa map to generate, but the conductance map remains at 0 across the image. When run from the MATLAB terminal, the script continuously re-evaluates the above message. With smaller subsets of the image it complete, however the largest section this has worked for thus far is 30*62*2.

The script seems particularly prone to throw the error when the ventricles are masked off, but I've not tested this extensively.

Is this an issue that has been seen before? If so, is there any way to treat the input data to avoid this? I understand matrix singularity is data-based.

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Matrix Singularity Preventing Conductance
Corey Ratcliffe Sep 28, 2021
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