Release Name: Kirby 21 (2009)

To cite use of this data, please reference:

Landman, B., Huang, A., Gifford, A., Vikram, D., Lim, I., Farrell, J., Bogovic, J., Hua, J., Chen, M., Jarso, S., Smith, S., Joel, S., Mori, S., Pekar, J., Barker, P., Prince, J., van Zijl, P., Multi-Parametric Neuroimaging Reproducibility: A 3T Resource Study. Under review 2010.

When appropriate, you may acknowledge the funding support for this data. This work was supported by:

Peter C.M. van Zijl: P41 RR15241, Jerry L. Prince: 1R01NS056307, Bennett A. Landman/Jerry L. Prince: 1R21NS064534-01A109