Release Name: DTIPrep1.1

The new features in DTIPrep1.1 :
1) Generatin QCResult in the xml format within command line.2)
Improving the QCResult report in the Gui which describes the result of
QC pipeline according to the protocol. So now user is able to change the
pipeline processings and see the affected QCResult report. 
3) Applying Visual Checking features in each gradients and user is
able to change the status of gradient as "Exclude" manually. 4)
User-changes in the visual status of each gradients can be seen in the
3DView window after seeing 3DView ball with green dots.
5)After applying Visual Checking, the final QCed result is saved as the xml report file and aslo the QCed DW image by pressing "Save Dwi and QCResult" bottom in the DTIPrep panel.