Release Name: ROBEX 1.0, source code

Robust Brain Extraction (ROBEX)  v1.0
Author: Juan Eugenio Iglesias
Usage:    ROBEX inputFile strippedFile [outputMaskFile]
Important details:
- The input file is supposed to be oriented as the volume "atlas"
in the folder "ref_vols": x = left->right, y = posterior->anterior,
z=inferior->superior. If you get a completely wrong segmentation
with the shape of a brain, try changing the orientation of the
input scan.
- ROBEX has been tested with images in Analyze format (.hdr/.img), 
but any ITK-supported format should work.
- ROBEX is designed to be robust. If ROBEX doesn't produce decent 
results for a given volume, I'd very much appreciate it if you let
me know by email.
- Please read license.txt!