Release Name: Nov2012

1. The files added to our package today (December 4, 2013) relate to a new software application called nirsLAB. Use it to perform topographic data analysis of fNIRS time-series data. As with the earlier NAVI package, you will indicate the locations of source and detector probes on the skin. However, since volumetric image reconstruction is not being performed, there is no need to also specify a 3D FEM model.

2. If you are going to perform GLM computations on your data, then you will need to have a concurrent installation of NAVI and nirsLAB on the same computer. In all other respects, nirsLAB is a stand-alone product.

3. nirsLAB runs within a MATLAB environment; you will need a MATLAB release more recent than 2008. We did our code development in Windows, so we cannot make any guarantees about how/if it will perform in other operating systems.