Release Name: Fiberfox replications of the FiberCup datasets

This archive contains a series of synthetic diffusion weighted images with a structure similar to the well-known FiberCup phantom. A description of the individual files can be found below. All files have been created with the Fiberfox tool that is included in MITK Diffusion. MITK Diffusion is available as free download on

For a detailed reference of Fiberfox, the file creation and usage please refer to: ******* publication currently in review ********
If you use Fiberfox in one of your publications or use the files below, please acknowledge this work by citing it in your publication.

Files included in this archive (available as nrrd or nifti):
R1: exact replica of the b=650 s/mm^2 FiberCup dataset
R2: exact replica of the b=1500 s/mm^2 FiberCup dataset
R3: exact replica of the b=2000 s/mm^2 FiberCup dataset
B1-3: FiberCup replica with more brain like tissue properties (higher FA, realistic diffusivity values, etc.)
A1: B2 with added Rician noise (SNR 10)
A2: B2 with localized distortion
A3: B2 with distortion introduced by a linear frequency gradient
A4: B2 with Gibbs ringing
A5: B2 with N/2 ghost
A6: B2 with incresed voxel size in y-direction (64x32x3)
A7: A6 upsampled to 64x64x3
A8: B2 with incresed voxel size in y-direction (64x16x3)
A9: A8 upsampled to 64x64x3

For additional information about Fiberfox please refer to:
- Fiberfox: An extensible system for generating realistic white matter software phantoms, MICCAI CDMRI Workshop, Nagoya; 09/2013
- Fiberfox: A novel tool to generate software phantoms of complex fiber geometries, ISMRM, Salt Lake City; 04/2013