Release Name: Beta 0.30

Beta version 0.30 - 06/10/14

Major feature and bugfix update:

1) small bugfixes in all stages

2) all properties previously calculated/tested (in stages 3 & 4) for all weights simultaneously are now calculated/tested for each sign separately (modularity still calculated on entire matrix)

3) clustering coefficient, local efficiency, matching index, rich club, & transitivity added to full network calculations/testing

4) participation coefficient & within-module z added to thresholded matrix calculations/testing

5) calculation/testing of properties for negative weights in the thresholded matrices is now automatic (to be consistent with fully connected matrices)

6) option added to calculate/test properties for absolute value of weights

7) 'handles' structure now used (in all stages) to pass information between functions (rather than using a globalized variable), allowing users to launch processes from the same GUI with less chance of info from the previous process interfering

8) important change to the way in which matrices are thresholded in Stage 3; the previous version sometimes allowed the threshold to be negative, which was most common for higher densities for negative weight networks (unlikely to have had much of an impact for for positive weights); thus, when calculating properties for negative weights, positive weights were sometime allowed in at higher densities, making it more likely for properties for positive and negative weights to be negatively correlated; now, only weights of the appropriate sign are allowed in; as a consequence, it is possible that the requested maximum density cannot be reached (more problematic for 'sparser' matrices); therefore, the maximum possible density is now calculated and, if smaller than the requested density, this new value is used (so be sure to check the actual maximum density used)