Release Name: beta 0.32

This is a bugfix and feature release.

NOTE: a bug was discovered in the previous release where the BrainWavelet toolbox was flipping orientations from LAS to RAS when wavelet despiking was selected. The toolbox now checks to ensure that the data are in LAS after despiking is performed, and reorients to LAS if a flip has occurred. THEREFORE, 1) if you have processed data using wavelet despiking using a previous version of the toolbox, you are encouraged to redo your analyses with the updated software; 2) We now encourage the use of LAS format. This is not necessary if wavelet despiking is NOT selected, but we recommend LAS all the same

1) small bugfixes in all stages
2) fixed bug in Stage 1 whereby wavelet despike was saving files in RAS format, but the script expected LAS; now the LR orientation is checked & changed to LAS if need be
3) addition of calculating & testing properties from binarized matrices
4) Stage 1 now compatible with both compressed & non-compressed nifti format
5) addition of least trimmed squares regression (LTS) to Stage 4
6) code simplification in Stage 4