Release Name: SOCK version 1.3

This release introduces batch_SOCK, a routine that automates use of SOCK as a noise filter.
Running batch_SOCK in Matlab will call MELODIC to perform an ICA, then SOCK is called to
perform noise component classification and then the noise component timecourses are
fully regressed from the data. This yields denoised data suitable for analysis with SPM, FSL
or many other neuroimage analysis packages.

A pre-release version of batch_SOCK was used in the following study, which you could
cite if you publish analyses that use SOCK as a noise filter:
Bhaganagarapu K, Jackson GD, Abbott DF. (2014)
De-noising with a SOCK can improve the performance of event-related ICA.
Frontiers in Neuroscience 8(285):1-9

SOCK 1.3a was released on NITRC 2015-06-23: minor change to batch_SOCK.m only: Moved genpath() call earlier so all SOCK functions are found if SOCK not already in your MATLAB path. Also display component numbers of artifacts.

SOCK 1.3 was released on NTRC 2015-06-17, introduced batch_SOCK.m to automate use of SOCK as a pre-processing noise filter.