Release Name: beta 0.45

Major feature and bugfix release

Major new features:
1. Added ability to save and load analyses in all stages
2. Added command line versions of all stages
3. Added option to motion censoring where both DVARS and FD criteria must be met to remove a timepoint
4. Added deconvolution at Stage 1, along with 2 new deconvolution methods, and the option to deconvolve voxelwise
5. Added calculation and testing of 2 new properties: brokerage and commn centrality

1. Reduced overhead burden when using the PCT
2. Added matlab implementation of FSL temporal filter (to decrease processing time)

1) Minor bugfixes
2) Changed the way frequency cutoffs are implemented for the FSL filter to make it more comparable with the other filters when using the same cutoffs.  IMPORTANT: if you have used the FSL filter with past toolbox versions, it is recommended to redo these analyses