Release Name: Code Updates (Bug Fixes)

This update includes bug fixes. 
Please download and, to use the latest version of SPM-fNIRS toolbox.

"" file (released on 7th March, 2017) only contained the updated files. Thus, existing files in the directory of "/spm_fnirs/gen_conimg" will be removed, when you unzip the "" file in the directory of "spm_fnirs". In order to resolve this issue, a revised file "" contains all files (necessary to compute contrast images) in the directory of "gen_conimg".

A revised file "spm_fnirs_read_artinis.m" (written by Dr Jorn M. Horschig) is also included in the "". 

Please download and Then, replace the original files of SPM-fNIRS toolbox with the updated files included in the