cPPI Toolbox for fMRI

This is a Matlab toolbox that allows computation of task-related functional connectivity between multiple pairs of regions.

Task-related functional connectivity is computed using the correlational psychophysiological interaction (cPPI) methodology described in Fornito et al. (2012) PNAS, 109: 12788-12793.

The toolbox assumes that first-level design matrices have been specified and estimated using SPM5 or later.

It takes as input these design matrices as well as user-extracted regional time courses and returns a matrix of pair-wise, task-related functional connectivity for each participant. The method is scalable to large networks comprising hundreds of regions and is well-suited to graph theoretic analyses and functional connectomics.

One modifiable script, cPPI_master.m, can be used to run the analysis for an entire sample of participants.

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BOLD, connectome, fMRI, graph theory, network, SPM