GIN: G-Node Infrastructure Services

The goal of the GIN project is to develop a free data management system designed for comprehensive and reproducible management of scientific data. It keeps track of changes to the contents and organization of the files and provides secure remote access to the data. With proper authorization, data stored on GIN can be accessed and changed remotely, making it easy to work from multiple workplaces while keeping all data at hand and in sync. The system handles any kinds of directory structures and file types, and tracks all changes. The service furthermore makes it straightforward to share any data within a lab or with off-site collaborators and to work on it in parallel.

Any GIN repository hosted on the official GIN service can be permanently archived (at a given point in time) and referenced by a unique Digital Object Identifier (DOI).

The GIN service is based on the Gogs Git service.

The data versioning, storage, and synchronisation part of the project is built on git and git-annex.