MRI Brain Template and Atlas of the Mouse Lemur Primate Microcebus murinus

MRI template and 120-region atlas for the mouse lemur primate Microcebus murinus.

Generated from 34 animals aged 15-58 months old scanned at 7T using a T2-weighted sequence, resolution 115 × 115 × 230 µm. The code developed to create and manipulate the template has been refined into general procedures for registering small mammal brain MR images, available within a python module sammba-mri (SmAll-maMMals BrAin MRI; The template was up-sampled to 91 µm isotropic for hand-segmentation of structures, and also used to create probability maps of grey matter, white matter and cerebro-spinal fluid.

Note that this atlas is from July 2018, and will be regularly improved in future versions.

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