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CANDIShare Data Dictionary
Description: The set of terms that describe the demographics fields released.
Updated: Mar 2, 2012
gdf format document
Description: Documentation of the gdf format. This is the basis of the .otl file outline release.
Updated: Nov 13, 2012
SchizBull_2008 Demographics V1.1
Description: In addition to the group-wise demographic files that are available as part of the downloaded releases, this file concatenates all 4 diagnostic groups, and is available without downloading the image sets. Watch your version numbers; the demographic release V1.1 is ahead (includes more information) than the current un-numbered (V1.0) demographic files in the current release; this will be unified in future releases.
Updated: Feb 16, 2012
Segmentation Fill Values
Description: Listing of the anatomic assosiation for fill values for the CMA 'general' segmentation files.
Updated: Dec 9, 2011
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Neuroinformatics News Item
Description: Neuroinformatics News Item
Updated: Nov 8, 2011