Posted By: Michael Martinez - Jun 25, 2010
Tool/Resource: Mango
New video tutorials have been added to the user guide with the release of Mango 2.3. They cover a number of features found in the application and serve as a good introduction to using Mango. Follow the link below to watch these tutorials:

* Introduction To Mango – Menus, Toolbox Controls, Opening Image, Image Navigation, Saving Images
* Using ROIs – Creating ROIs, Selecting and Reshaping ROIs, ROI Menu Operations
* Using The Histogram – Histogram Options, Interacting with the Histogram
* Coordinate Modes – Image and World Mode, Linking Images, Overlays in World Mode, Copying ROIs in World Mode
* NIFTI ROI Format – ROIs as Bit Planes, Selection
* Surface Viewer – Surface Navigation, Cut Planes, Adding/Editing Points, Creating Lines, Measurements
* Surface Overlays – Surface Overlay Coloring, Adding Surface Overlays as Shapes

Watch the Tutorials:
Download Mango:
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