Posted By: Michael Martinez - Apr 15, 2011
Tool/Resource: Mango
Please check out our newest release, iMango --

iMango is a mobile-friendly medical imaging research application developed for the Apple iPad. It features many of the same ROI and analysis tools as Mango and uses interoperable file formats and customization files such as ROIs and user-defined color tables.

Key features:
- Point, line, area, and volume ROIs (8 independent color coded ROIs for each type)
- Custom "loupe" tool for manually outlining ROIs (shows image under finger)
- Neurological and Radiological viewing
- Lightbox viewing of images (keyed by rotating iPad into portrait orientation)
- Presentation viewing for interactive use with lectures or in the classroom
- Pan and zoom (using pinch controls)
- Functional overlay support with multiple color tables (each with transparency control)
- Statistics summary for images and ROIs (exportable in spreadsheet format)
- Histogram and cross-section of image and ROIs (exportable in spreadsheet format)
- Preference settings (including right/left hand control)
- Capture image of main window to Photos
- Interactive 3-D spatial transforms (translate, rotate, & scale) with saving/loading
- Image and world coordinate modes (with user-specified origin)
- Interactive brain labels (hemisphere, lobe, gyrus, tissue, and cell type)

iMango supports WiFi transfer and sync to a desktop computer, DICOM file download from a local PACS server, MobileMe iDisk and WebDAV support. See the user guide for more information about data transfer options and features.

iMango --
User Guide --
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