Posted By: Arash Payan - Feb 4, 2008
Tool/Resource: LONI Pipeline Environment
Things have been pretty quiet on the Pipeline site lately, so here's some information on what's been going on lately.

For version 4.1, we've shifted our priorities from data model changes to supporting multiple servers (and local computers) all in one workflow. This will allow you to mix programs on completely different computers, and even execute programs on your desktop machine within a single workflow. Just as before, you won't have to worry about intermediate data between programs, and in this version you won't have to worry about moving intermediate data between computers either. More information will be posted later.

On the cluster front, we're continuing to move all our resources into a single Linux cluster. We currently have approximately 240 execution slots on our Linux cluster ( and about 180 execution slots on our Solaris cluster ( As time and resources permit, we will be moving more of those execution slots to the Linux cluster.

We've also been hard at work updating the module definitions on our Linux cluster. Many of the definitions have more accurate citations, parameter listings, descriptions and executable version numbers. FSL 3.3 has been removed, and we've added FSL 4.0 definitions in it's place (workflows referencing FSL 3.3 will still continue to function, but you won't be able to create new workflows from FSL 3.3 definitions). We're still ironing out all the bugs in the library, but things have improved a lot lately.

As always, please let us know about any bugs you come across in the program by going to Help->Report a Bug in the Pipeline. If you need any help with workflows and such, please check out our forums.
Posted by Arash Payan at 1/31/2008 6:31 PM
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