Posted By: David Kennedy - Jun 16, 2013
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list! -

Dear Neuroscience (f)MRI Colleague:

You are invited to the CogNeuro-Philips-Community listserv.

This listserv is intended to provide a forum for investigators
pursuing studies in cognitive neuroscience who are using Philips MRI
platforms, encompassing studies using the expanding approaches to
fMRI, diffusion MRI, ASL, morphological/structural MRI, etc. We hope
to attract and engage Philips users who work in the field of human
brain mapping and are savvy about the interface between the methods
and the science.

The focus is on the interaction of Philips-specific technology with
our scientific needs and goals. Anticipated areas of discussion
include sharing experiences, solutions, and best practices for
parameters in data acquisition including novel patches (depending on
software level and research agreements), data achiving/parsing, fMRI
and DTI data quality control, and data post-processing.

In our Center and others, there are Philips scientists/engineers who
are already linked together under corporate mechanisms. By contrast,
this listserv is a community initiative. Although not sponsored/hosted
by Philips, Philips Clinical Science leaders are aware and encouraging
of this initiative, and have voiced interest in organized feedback
from us as representatives of the scientific imaging community. This
is a nice opportunity, because our scientific priorities do not often
bear immediately on clinical applications, and thus do not necessarily
attract corporate interest. Moreover, Philips has a smaller cognitive
neuroscience market share than some of the other MRI manufacturers,
and I think we would benefit from countering the smaller mass of users
with the advantages of organization.

As a kickoff activity and an initial effort to sketch our user base, I
created a web-based poll to characterize participating research sites
in terms of their scanner platforms, resources and expertise. Please
take the few minutes required to complete it, and I will post a
summary of the responses to the list.

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Please forward this invitation to interested neuroscience
collaborators in the Philips network,

Tom Grabowski
Professor, Radiology and Neurology
Director, Integrated Brain Imaging Center
LOC Chair, OHBM 2013
University of Washington
Seattle, WA USA

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