Posted By: Dina Wittfoth-Schardt - Feb 16, 2017
Tool/Resource: SPM-Workshop Hannover
Join us for this exciting one-day workshop!

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, we proudly present our brand new

Brainstem fMRI Workshop
May 28, 2017

Despite the significant problems that fMRI faces in this complicated - but vitally (!) important - brain region, the past few years have seen a number of important advances that bring us closer to routine application of these methods.

Be one of the first to learn how to implement these brilliant new methods for your own research! The Brainstem fMRI workshop is in keeping with our teaching philosophy and will offer you plenty of opportunity to roll up your sleeves and get right at it.

Please note that this workshop requires a basic understanding of fMRI analyses and will mainly be based on the software FSL and the mICA toolbox available from NITRC.

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Dr. Dina Wittfoth
Co-Founder of SPM-Workshop Hannover
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